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Waiting for the Sun – Valencia, Spain *wallpaper 1-19-12

Download this week’s wallpaper from Valencia, Spain –

January 19th, 2011 – Standard Waiting for the Sun - Valencia, Spain (1280x1024) (368)  Wide – Waiting for the Sun - Valencia, Spain (1920x1080) (366)

Our first few days in Spain have been pretty normal so far but not to say it hasn’t been stimulating. Consisting mostly of time spent working in front of the computer and mostly at night since our brains are still connected to the Central Time Zone of the US – so until that pendulum starts to swing the other way, we’ll still be wide-eyed at 2 a.m. It’s strange being here in such a new place but continuing to live as we did just last week – but this trip isn’t a vacation, but a relocation for a breath of fresh air to our creative and wonder-lusting minds.

Rarely do I post a wallpaper from the same location that I’m currently in (mainly because I have too many old ones to post) but this image, taken from our apartment window this afternoon was worth it. Our apartment is in the oldest part of Valencia’s city center but remodeled with many modern conveniences – it’s nice to open the windows to hear the goings-on among the streets below…something that would be a bad idea back home right about now. Check out the listing on Airbnb and experience it for yourself someday!