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Remarkable View

Remarkable View from the Remarkables Ski Field

A panoramic view from the top of the Remarkable Mountains just outside of Queenstown, New Zealand (pictured bottom center) Right click and open in a new tab for the BIG version (2756 x 642)

See where this photo was snapped: Remarkables Ski Field 

Postcards from Rocky Mountain National Park: Get away

A few weeks ago my girl friend and I decided (on somewhat of a whim) to get away and spend a few days out in the wilds of the Rocky Mountain National Forrest.  With winter approaching way too fast, and our tendency to hibernate entirely indoors over the cold months, we decided to rent a little house just a few miles from the entrance to the park. Once again Airbnb came through with an amazing view and a cozy spot for us to chill out. Here are a few shots from the weekend of hiking and enjoying the great outdoors.

Although mornings in the mountains are pretty chilly already, a hot cup of coffee makes up the difference.

Looking out over RMNP’s Moraine Park under the Continental Divide.

Skipping stones…or something like it on the way to Alberta Falls. (more…)

Remarkable Memories – Remarkables Ski Field, Queenstown, New Zealand

Last night I finally got a chance to open up some of the old dusty hard drives filled with memories of long ago. This one, I thought I would share with you since I think it’s pretty stunning. The Remarkables Mountain range is just outside of Queenstown in the southern island of New Zealand. Although they don’t get their name from being incredibly high in altitude, it’s the views from the top that makes them remarkable. I remember feeling like I could see peaks upon peaks seemingly forever off into the distance.

It’s a place you don’t ever want to leave. And places like this are where I first found my calling to pursue the life of a photographer. I will never forget standing on this ledge peering down to the lake below, but an image will last long after my memory fades. And with these images filling out my memories so vividly,  I will never have to leave.


Here’s another view of the mountains from my house in Queenstown.

The Eagle’s Nest – Kastel, Croatia

Yesterday we connected with fellow hikers Ivona and Ivo on Couchsurfing for some hiking up the Kozjak mountains near where we are staying in Split. We ended up at this place called the Eagle’s Nest and had lunch. Amazing food (olives, cheese, bread, and Croatian liquor called rakija) amazing Dalmatian sunshine, amazing new friends and of course amazing views. After heading back down they graciously gave us a tour of their hometown of Kastel as well as a tour of the UNESCO village of Trogir then took us out to dinner at their favorite local spot. We all ended up sunburned and exhausted – but it was one of the best days we’ve had so far in Croatia! Hvala to Ivon and Ivo!

From the Eagle’s Nest you can see Split (left) Kastel (center) and Trogir (far right) ….as well as most of the Dalmatian islands in the Adriatic Sea.