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Postcards from Rocky Mountain National Park: Get away

A few weeks ago my girl friend and I decided (on somewhat of a whim) to get away and spend a few days out in the wilds of the Rocky Mountain National Forrest.  With winter approaching way too fast, and our tendency to hibernate entirely indoors over the cold months, we decided to rent a little house just a few miles from the entrance to the park. Once again Airbnb came through with an amazing view and a cozy spot for us to chill out. Here are a few shots from the weekend of hiking and enjoying the great outdoors.

Although mornings in the mountains are pretty chilly already, a hot cup of coffee makes up the difference.

Looking out over RMNP’s Moraine Park under the Continental Divide.

Skipping stones…or something like it on the way to Alberta Falls. (more…)

US Pro Cycling Challenge – Stage 7 – Denver, Co

After a week of tough racing over the Rocky Mountains, the tour finished in Denver with an individual test of speed. With more than a few turns the course will provided a challenge for the riders and fantastic viewing opportunity for race fans.  The athletes started at one minute intervals in the middle of Civic Center Park near the State Capitol Building, down some of the cities most iconic streets – Speer Boulevard and Colfax Avenue with a finish along Broadway St. Here are a few of my shots from the last Stage of the 2012 US Pro Cycling Challenge!

RadioShack/Nissan/Trek team racer Ben King pushes out of the gate in Denver’s Civic Center Park

Colombian Andrés Díaz get a view of everyone in the waiting area before his time trail for team Exergy


US Pro Cycling Challenge – Colorado Springs, Co

The Colorado Springs stage seemed more like a festival than a race. There were considerably more booths and bars involved than in previous mountain towns. And I know the athletes noticed the bump in spectator support! Here are a few selects from Stage 5 of the ’12 US Pro Cycling Challenge in Colorado Springs…

We are always seeing images of the top riders of the race so I thought I would post one of the middle of the pack. Here, the tight knit group of riders following the riders in the Break (aka the Peloton) make their way through downtown Colorado Springs.

After the finish and awards the second race of the day begins. Teams from local bars & restaurants compete in a (we can assume) drunken relay race in downtown.


US Pro Cycling Challenge – Stage 6 – Boulder, Co

Another warm sunny day in Boulder as the crowds gathered around Pearl St. The rout for the day (from Golden to Boulder) passed by the sponsorship area a few times before racing up to Flagstaff for the finish. Watching the finish on T.V. instead of live was a different experience and I wish I could have been in the party up on Flagstaff! Here are a few shot from Stage 6 in Boulder…

Radioshack/Nissan/Trek team rider rides ahead of the Peloton pack through downtown Boulder with fans showing their support.


US Pro Cycling Challenge – Aspen, Co

The Tour in Aspen seemed bigger and better this year – more vendors, more people with more dogs, and much less rain. Here are a few images from Aspen…

Team RadioShack/Nissan/Trek rider Jakob Fuglsang took 3rd place at the 3rd Stage of the US Pro Cycling Challenge in Aspen.


US Pro Cycling Challenge – Stage 1 – Telluride, CO

Here are the fist few images from shooting with the Nissan/Rodale sponsorship team at the Telluride stage this Monday. It was a mostly overcast day with the clouds threatening with a downpour but graciously waited until after the finish to finally let loose. This is the 1st stage of 6 and will make it’s way back to Denver on Sunday for the final leg. More updates to come!

Nissan/Rodale booth with the lovely ladies (cars)