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The Golden Wreath; No Place For Fear – retina wallpaper download

The other night, along with hundreds of millions of people around the globe, I was watching the Olympic closing ceremonies on T.V. Yet another Olympic competition in the books, and as always, it was an amazing spectacle. The best athletes in the world competing at such a high level reminded me of a quote “The winner is the one who makes the next-to-last mistake” And after watching the difference between winning and losing time and time again coming down to a blink of the eye it dawned on me that we’re all making those mistakes. For the rest of us who aren’t super athletes in competition with other Olympians, we are in competition with ourselves – and more clearly, our fears. (more…)

Happy Bday USA

I was fortunate to get an invite from my cousin to get up close and personal with a local fireworks show on the 4th. Thousands of  large and powerful explosives firing off all around us at the same time was intense to say the least. And incredibly loud to say the very least! The fuses were hand lit the old-fashioned way by the pyrotechnicians who had to stay very close to the danger to keep the show going. Here are a few shots from the show…

Hot Night – Omonia Square hotel, Athens

Hot Night - Omonia Square hotel, AthensThe night before the Greek elections.

Pillars of the Past – Greek National Archeological Museum in Athens

Pillars of the Past – Greek National Archeological Museum in Athens


The Exit is the Entry – Komisa, Croatia – wallpaper download for 6/4/12

Download this week’s wallpaper  –
May 3rd, 2012 – Standard Exit Is An Entry - Komisa, Croatia Standard (339)  Wide – Exit Is An Entry - Komisa, Croatia Standard (346)

“Every exit is an entry somewhere else.”
– Tom Sheppard

All in the details – Wallpaper download for 5/28/12

Yes I know its Monday – sheesh give me a break I’ve been on the move! Actually, this is on purpose as I’m moving the weekly subscription to my wallpaper updates to Mondays! So from now until the end of time, my wallpapers will be uploaded and ready for your imaginative and downloading pleasure by the weekend’s end. Starting your week off with something fresh to keep you motivated and inspired…. (more…)

Graffiti Streets Project #1 – Spain

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Graffiti Streets Project #1

Life is full of beauty. Notice it. – wallpaper download for 5-11-12

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May 11th, 2012 – Standard Notice It - Ashley Smith (1280x1024) (410)  Wide – Notice It - Ashley Smith (1920x1200) (390)

“Life is full of beauty. Notice it.”
– Ashley Smith

Leaving Our Habits – wallpaper download for 5/3/12

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May 3rd, 2012 – Standard Travel is Leaving Our Habits (1280x1024) (377)  Wide – Travel is Leaving Our Habits (1920x1080) (418)

“Travel is not really about leaving our homes, but leaving our habits.”
– Pico Iyer

Inspired Travel – wallpaper download for 4-26-12 (+ a future book review)

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April 26th, 2012 – Standard Inspired Travel (1280x1024) (414)  Wide – Inspired Travel (1920x1080) (427)

This past year, as my girlfriend and I have continually been living off of Airbnb.com, traveling from country to country, and working on various projects – I kind of get used to things being in a constant state of flux. What’s going to happen with the invoice the client didn’t respond to, where are we going to live next month/why are tickets so expensive now, and how in the hell will I pay for it?? My mindset on how to approach these questions is also in a state of change – from ‘yeah lets do it!’ to the ‘ah hell, not again’ My girlfriend Chele is also affected by this as adding another person can magnify the emotions in either approach – which is something I am continually learning about! She is a very patient person.

I connected with this quote because it reflects where I am personally and professionally right now. I feel like there is a fork in the path coming up soon (a good fork, not a bad fork) and I will be needing to make some intentional decisions. Over the past 2 years many books/blogs and interactions with various people have been reshaping my views on life and happiness. About purpose, value, and success. So after continually reading and absorbing ideas from the likes of Seth Godin, Tim Ferriss, Rolf Potts, Robert Kiyosaki and Chris Guillebeau, I find my perspective on the world is very different than it once was. Which makes any fork in the road an opportunity for something better. Something unforeseen.

Which leads me to my next news. Recently I was surprised to learn I’d been gifted a chance to read Chris Cuillebeu’s new pre-released book The $100 Startup – shipped to my house here in Croatia at no charge! All he asks is that I give an honest review of it by May 15th. So I’ll be sitting out on my balcony with my morning coffee, warming up to the rising sun. I will try to finish it in time (I’m a not a speed reader!) and give my review here. I can tell you that I’ve read and re-read his last book The Art of Non-Conformity this past year and it has changed the way I approach my life, travels, work, friends, and family etc. even when things change.

I will try to give an honest, unbiased review… which may be tough, as I’m already a huge fan. Stay tuned….

The The $100 Startup
by Chris Guillebeau ->

Plaza de Toros – Valencia, Spain

The Action – Stradbroke Island, Australia – wallpaper download for 4/19/12

…a little encouragement to simplify your life down to a single action – a single wave of energy that will push you in the right direction.

Download this week’s wallpaper  –
April 19th, 2012 – Standard The Action - Stradbroke Island, Australia (1280x1024) (422)  Wide – The Action - Stradbroke Island, Australia (1980x1200) (524)

Photo Essay – Festival de la Magdalena 2012 – Castellon de la Plana, Spain

One thing I really love about photography is that many times I use it as my excuse to get out and see the world. I feel the pull to get up, grab my camera and go for a walk –and the feeling is doubled while living abroad. Although, it helps if you know where the action is, it’s also nice just to run into those serendipitous moments where you’re at the right place at the right time. Sometimes to the bigger events I will intentionally bring my  heavy and assuming camera and lens that allows me to slip into the mix of media people to get a few shots — all it takes is a bit of acting like you belong there. A trick I use (when I haven’t already been granted a press pass) is a pretty simple one. I find a gang of press photogs just before the event and strike up a conversation with one just so I can be associated with the group. Usually the person checking credentials won’t have time to check them all and there’s my in. It’s a balance of knowing when to pull out the big guns and go for it, or hang back and play it cool.

This week was the start of The Festival of La Magdalena in Castellón de la Plana, Spain. A week long party that commemorates the birth of the city over 700 years ago. This year unfortunately, it falls just before another major festival just a few miles south of us in Valencia called Las Fallas so, we will only get to see the start of the week. I had no idea this quiet little city could get so loud. I think it helps that the Mascletas (daily at 2pm), parades, concerts, and parties (think marching bands with guns mixed with European techno) are only a few steps away from our apartment.

One event during this Festival called  Romería de las Cañas (Pilgrimage of the Cane) is the most meaningful and historical part of the week for the local residents. Its a symbolic walk from the city center plaza to the ancient ruins of Castellon city in the hills a few miles away that honors the past residents of Castellon who moved the city to the plana (or plains). It was an early wake up call for me (gasp 6:45am!) but my camera made me get up and I couldnt argue. I thought there would be a few people who would get up early from the long night of beer, wine, parades and parties to actually brave the chilly morning walk. Turns out, half the damn town got up and the other half seemed like they hadn’t been home yet. It was amazing to see so many people ready to make the walk, like their ancestors did over 700 years ago.

My spanish is not yet to ‘conversationable’ level so I had to rely on my trick — where were those photojournalists?? There were a few sitting around so I waited until they started to group together because I knew I would get some good angles staying close to them. Due to the masses of people, they had to stay one step ahead of what was going on otherwise it would be impossible to get close. Thankfully, I kept up with them and got a few shots — even though I had no idea what anyone was saying haha. Here are a few shots from the first few days of the Festival de la Magdalena 2012….

At 7am the sun rises just enough to warm the top of The Fadrí – the 200ft. tall bell tower in the Plaza Mayor — and marks the start of the Romería de las Cañas (Pilgrimage of the Cane) for the Festival of La Magdalena in Castellón de la Plana 2012.

Pilgrims young and old grab their bamboo canes to start the  Romería de las Cañas (Pilgrimage of the Cane) for the Festival of La Magdalena in Castellón de la Plana 2012.

A young girl and boy dressed in traditional Spanish clothing prepare for the ceremonial start to the walk.

A great costume is in the details.

A father helps his son with his waist sash before the start of the opening ceremonies.

A young girl wearing the traditional Spanish jewelry and hair pieces.

Waiting to march to the cathedral across the Plaza de Mayor.

Pilgrims enter into the Cathedral de Santa Maria for a blessing before the walk.

The Queen of the Festival gets a few glances as she enters the Cathedral de Santa Maria.

A young woman is escorted by a man during the procession out of the Cathedral.

A family dressed in traditional clothing meet together before the walk through the city.

The city of Castellon follow the procession through the city streets and out to the countryside.

A boy drums to start the first parade of the festival which displays the long and colorful history of this area of Spain.

The festival is also a celebration and competition for the different barrios (neighborhoods) of the city. You can see them
wearing all purple in this image and green in the image below.

A man dressed as a mid-evil joker to start the Cabalgata del Prego (the Ride of Prego)

Men dress like Africans who initially inhabited the Spanish area in the Iberian Peninsula long before Europeans.

Flamenco dancers dancing for miles.

Shotguns blasting into the night sky down a main street to commence the second day of parades.

A Infantils de la Ciutat (Catalan for Kids of the City) are dressed in traditional costumes and walk along side their older counterparts turning every so often for the crowds to clap.

A typical Gaiata fully electrified rolls down the street. Gaiatas represent each barrio and each of the 19 have a different style.

Children and men walk down the street in religious (Catholic) costume.

People get a good look at the Gaiatas from all angles.

Wandering home though the back streets while the parade goes on (…after 3 hrs into it)

The size and scope of this parade as the large Gaiatas roll down the narrow downtown streets and people fit in where they can.

Kiss of Color – Reykjavik, Iceland wallpaper download 3/1/12

 Kiss of Color – Reykjavik, Iceland

Download this week’s wallpaper  – March 1st, 2012 –
Standard Kiss of Color - Reykjavik, Iceland (1280x1023) (370)  Wide – Kiss of Color - Reykjavik, Iceland (1920x1200) (358)

Setting the Hook – wallpaper download 2/16/12

Download this week’s wallpaper  – February 16nd, 2012 –

Standard Setting The Hook (1280x1023) (381)  Wide – Setting The Hook (1920x1080) (405)

The Color is Music – Portugal. The Man *wallpaper 12-29-11

The Color is Music – Portugal. the Man’s John Gourley on stage at the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival – Manchester, TN

I enjoy this band. Please, enjoy this music video.

And dont forget to download the last wallpaper EVER!! (of 2011) – December 30th, 2011 –

Standard The Color is Music - Portugal. The Man (1280x1024pix) (443)  Wide – The Color is Music - Portugal. The Man (1920x1080pix) (407)

YouTube Preview Image


The Fate of Winter – *wallpaper 12-23-11

“Sometimes our fate resembles a fruit tree in winter.
Who would think that those branches would turn green again
and blossom, but we hope it, we know it.”

– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Download your free wallpaper this week – December 23th, 2011 – Standard Fate of Winter (1280x1024px) (406)  Wide – Fate of Winter (1920x1080px) (407)



Invitation to Reflect – Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown, NZ *wallpaper 12-6-11

Invitation to Reflect – Chairs invite visitors to sit and gaze out onto Lake Wakatipu’s dramatic scenery – Queenstown, New Zealand

New Zealand is a fantastic place. It’s everything you would want to be completely happy. Within the shores of those two tiny islands contain just the right mixture of rural and urban, modern and old-fashioned, tranquil and adrenalized, powerful and  peaceful, grapes and hops. You’re greedy if you want anything more than that. Point being, when you’re out of balance you can’t expect to be happy. We are continually adjusting the equilibrium of our lives whether we know it or not, to balance out the events in our lives.

Traveling to new places is like forcing the pendulum to swing. Daring it almost. Plucking ourselves out of the rhythmic mundane circumstance we live in may not always be easy, and sometimes not the best idea,  but we readjust our sense of reality and take in a different perspective of what’s around us – and adapt for a better outcome. This continual readjusting keeps me close to what I see as important in my life and cutting away the distractions. Of course, you don’t have to physically travel to exotic islands far off in the Pacific to get the same effect, just make it a point take in every new change in your life, whether negative or positive, and adjust your eyes to a new perspective. Which in the end, will bring you to reevaluate what’s important to you.

So make it a point to pull up a space and rest for a while. Reflect on what balances you. “One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” – Henry Miller

Download this weeks *wallpaper – December 8th, 2011

Standard Lake Wakatipu - Queenstown, NZ (1280x1024pix) (466)

Wide – Lake Wakatipu - Queenstown, NZ (1920x1080pix) (507)

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Dublin Doors

The many colors down the famous Dame St. on the way to the capital.

The Dublin Doors