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Water For Life, Haiti

I spent two weeks Haiti photographing/filming a promotional video for a group called Water For Life in January 2008. The photos and video will look at what WFL is doing to help the people in their current economical, educational, and spiritual situation. Nothing is easy or simple in a third world country but WFL is working to educate the people to work for themselves, give them opportunity to stimulate local economies, and find spiritual hope for the future…

The poorest country in our western hemisphere is a complicated mixture of natural beauty, poverty, and hard working proud people. The cycle of poverty is directly related to water and Water For Life is an organization that (among many other things) drills fresh water wells in the arid dry regions of southern Haiti. It gives the people a chance to live a healthier lives by curbing the spread of disease and also to irrigate crops for better food.

WFL has had a truly immense impact in the Passe Bois D’Homme region, as well as much of the rest of Haiti.  The organization running almost completely from financial donations has been in Haiti for 30 yrs and has drilled over 600+ wells but the needs in the country are so great that much more work will be needed before the Haitian people can enjoy even a fraction of the comforts developed nations have.
I was there for two weeks and it was an awakening to how 2/3 of the rest of the planet lives.

Location: Port Au Prince/ Passe Bois D’Homme – Haiti