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Selected client works, outtakes & snaps around the globe.
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Kenneth & Janel – Thank You’s

Please scroll to the bottom of the page for ordering instructions.

Each image can be made black and white (or other color effect) and each image will be edited for printing

once ordered. All images are copyrighted by Michal Nyffeler and cannot be copied without his permission. Thanks!

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TO ORDER: Please fill out the form in the “Contact” page with the name/number of each image and print size. Please make all checks payable to Michael Nyffeler.

**All prints will come with lustre coating which provides a sheen that visibly enhances your prints and provides superior protection. The coating protects against fingerprints, UV rays, and typical over-spraying found in home/office environments. Lustre coating provides for a richer, enhanced sheen on prints of every size. Prints are offered in three types of professional papers for you to choose from: Kodak E-Surface: Accurate color, realistic saturation, excellent neutral flesh reproduction and brighter colors are just a few of the attributes to describe E-Surface paper. You will see excellent skin-tone reproduction, as well as brighter blues, cyans, purples, and reds. With this paper don’t worry about prints fading. The standard archival value is 100 years in home display and 200 years in dark storage. Kodak Endura Metallic: a unique pearlescent surface with a strong coating, resistant to tearing and curling without any additional lamination. This paper uses a patented combination of film and laminate layers that result in striking, three-dimensional, lasting images on an ultra-bright background. The standard archival value is 100 years in home display and 200 years in dark storage. True B&W Paper: This panchromatic, resin-coated paper is specifically designed for making continuous-tone B&W prints directly from digital images in digital exposing systems. This paper also provides excellent tone reproduction from digital camera files, scanned color slides or negatives. Because the emulsion is silver-based rather than dye-based, the imaging performance and characteristics of this paper are the same as traditional b&w continuous-tone papers. That translates to neutral tonal characteristics that provide the paper with display and archival qualities. One added benefit is that the resin-coated paper is specially coated on the back to accept ink, making it a good surface for crop lines or writing notes. Print Prices: E-Surface   /   Metalic   /   True B&W 4×6 -                $7.00       /      8.00     /      8.00      (ea) 5×7 -                $15.00      /      17.00    /     17.00 8×10 -              $25.00     /     28.00   /    28.00 11×14 -             $45.00     /     48.00   /    48.00 16×24 -             $85.00     /     89.00   /    89.00 24×36 -            $120.00   /     125.00  /   125.00 Wallets (set of 4) -  2.5″ x 3.5″  - $2.50/ea

Package Deals:

$475 - Custom Designed 12"x12" photo album (with 50 chosen images) + 2 5x7's 1 8x10, 1 11x14 $300 50 4x6's,  2 5x7's,  1 8x10,   1 11x14 $200 -   25 4x6's,   2 5x7's,  1 8x10 ***Additional 5x7 prints can be exchanged for two 4x6 prints ***Additional 8x10 prints can be exchanged for four 4x6 prints ***Additional 11x14 prints can exchanged ten 4x6 prints