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US Pro Cycling Challenge – Stage 6 – Boulder, Co

Another warm sunny day in Boulder as the crowds gathered around Pearl St. The rout for the day (from Golden to Boulder) passed by the sponsorship area a few times before racing up to Flagstaff for the finish. Watching the finish on T.V. instead of live was a different experience and I wish I could have been in the party up on Flagstaff! Here are a few shot from Stage 6 in Boulder…

Radioshack/Nissan/Trek team rider rides ahead of the Peloton pack through downtown Boulder with fans showing their support.


US Pro Cycling Challenge – Aspen, Co

The Tour in Aspen seemed bigger and better this year – more vendors, more people with more dogs, and much less rain. Here are a few images from Aspen…

Team RadioShack/Nissan/Trek rider Jakob Fuglsang took 3rd place at the 3rd Stage of the US Pro Cycling Challenge in Aspen.


US Pro Cycling Challenge – Stage 2 – Crested Butte, Co

Crested Butte was my favorite stop on the tour last year and this year didn’t was almost a carbon copy. Sunshine, cool people, beautiful mountains, and a spectacular race! Even the drag queen “Girl in Red” came out again….heels and all. A long day of driving (3 hrs in the morning, with another 3 hrs in the evening) we are ready to crash. This year I opted to keep Mount Crested Butte in the shot at the finish line and I’m afraid she might steal the show! Hope you enjoy these two snaps, more to come….

Riders Tejay van Garderen (red) and Christian Vande Velde climb the last few meters to the finish with Mount Crested Butte in the background. They finished #1 & 2 respectively.  (more…)

US Pro Cycling Challenge – Stage 1 – Telluride, CO

Here are the fist few images from shooting with the Nissan/Rodale sponsorship team at the Telluride stage this Monday. It was a mostly overcast day with the clouds threatening with a downpour but graciously waited until after the finish to finally let loose. This is the 1st stage of 6 and will make it’s way back to Denver on Sunday for the final leg. More updates to come!

Nissan/Rodale booth with the lovely ladies (cars)


The Golden Wreath; No Place For Fear – retina wallpaper download

The other night, along with hundreds of millions of people around the globe, I was watching the Olympic closing ceremonies on T.V. Yet another Olympic competition in the books, and as always, it was an amazing spectacle. The best athletes in the world competing at such a high level reminded me of a quote “The winner is the one who makes the next-to-last mistake” And after watching the difference between winning and losing time and time again coming down to a blink of the eye it dawned on me that we’re all making those mistakes. For the rest of us who aren’t super athletes in competition with other Olympians, we are in competition with ourselves – and more clearly, our fears. (more…)

15 Questions Answered with ENM CREATIVE

Recently I was asked to do an online interview for the ‘Ask the Artist’ series on ENMCreative‘s website. With questions completely from facebook, twitter and the enmcreave.com blog, they ranged mostly about photography and travel. I got to do a fun little into from Dublin as I was hanging out with an old friend in the Bleeding Horse Pub (love that name)

This was my first interview and I’m not really used to writing so much, but it was really great to reminisce about some of my favorite moments in my short photography career. One that has always been closly tied to my other passion as a traveler. I hope that relationship will continue far into the future with countless more memories to come!

Check out the interview here – http://enmcreative.com/ask-the-artist-answered-photographer-michael-nyffeler/ Thanks for reading!

The Twelve Apostles, Victoria, Australia – Retina wallpaper download

Down off the Great Ocean Road along the southern coast of Victoria, Australia, and past a strip of beaches and cliffs known as the “Shipwreck Coast” you will find a natural phenomenon jutting out of the blue ocean. Weathered from thousands of years of waves, wind, sun and sand The Twelve Apostles are a natural wonder (more…)

Remarkable Memories – Remarkables Ski Field, Queenstown, New Zealand

Last night I finally got a chance to open up some of the old dusty hard drives filled with memories of long ago. This one, I thought I would share with you since I think it’s pretty stunning. The Remarkables Mountain range is just outside of Queenstown in the southern island of New Zealand. Although they don’t get their name from being incredibly high in altitude, it’s the views from the top that makes them remarkable. I remember feeling like I could see peaks upon peaks seemingly forever off into the distance.

It’s a place you don’t ever want to leave. And places like this are where I first found my calling to pursue the life of a photographer. I will never forget standing on this ledge peering down to the lake below, but an image will last long after my memory fades. And with these images filling out my memories so vividly,  I will never have to leave.


Here’s another view of the mountains from my house in Queenstown.

[iPhone] Grand museum of the Acropolis

The brand new Acropolis Museum: housing just about everything that has been found in the ancient site in Athens, except perhaps this grand piano. 

[iPhone] Summer Rooftop Cinema – Athens, Greece

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