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Rooftop New Year

If how you end 2012 is any indication of what to expect in 2013, we will have a lot to look forward to! Champaign, fireworks, city skyline, good friends – a grand start to 2013.

Ringing in the New Years on a downtown rooftop in Denver, CO

My Year in Photos 2012

my year in photos 2012After reviewing some nearly 17,000 images I captured in 2012, I wanted to see if I could relive the entire year by compiling the images from start to finish in a 30fps video.

The result is a journey that spans from Europe and Northern Africa to the Balkans and back to the US in about 8 minutes. Each image is a memory capsule that carries on thousands of moments–a spontaneous kiss, a motorcycle ride, a new dish, a sunset drink, a new friend, a hike to the top, a jump into the crystal blue, a face full of sand, a return back to the familiar, a love of life…

And this is, at the very heart, why I love photography – capturing memories that fitter and fade in reality but are frozen in time with an image.  This ‘flash in the pan’ look at 2012 inspires me and reminds us all about what’s important. Embracing the adventure!

Best Images of 2012: Part 2

The second half of 2012 was a bit less exciting (no burning giant statues or camels in the desert) but we took advantage of the beaches and relaxed. Our Spanish visa expired in April and we moved to Croatia as it’s not yet part of the EU. The unexpected gem we found there was not love at first sight and took a few weeks to settle in. After we ate the food, met some amazing people and ventured out into the islands of the Adriatic Sea, we were hooked! After two months of beach time, it was time for Chele to head back to the US and I hopped on a bus down to Greece via Montenegro and Albania. Along the way I met some fantastic people and saw some of the most incredible coastlines. Arriving in Greece (Athens) was a completely different story as the re-elections were taking place and through the help of friends and a bit of luck, I managed to capture with a few good images that you’ll see in the ‘Best of’ list.

I returned to the US in the end of June, I started working at sporting events and other various gigs again. We spent some time back in Nebraska before moving to Denver for a year. In September I worked with the US Pro Cycling Challenge, and Chele and I drove across the Rocky Mountains following the tour. September was also the month I trained and ran my very first marathon. It was a milestone I thought I would never accomplish and was a day I will never forget! Looking back at the amazing past 12 months, it only gets me motivated and excited for what’s to come in the next 12! Enjoy part 2 of my Best of 2012 list!

Click on any photo to maximize (click in the upper right for full size) and use the arrows to navigate

Best Images of 2012: Part 1

Looking back on the past year in photos has been an exhausting experience for me this past week. I’ve had to sift through thousands of images (17,452 to be exact) and I wanted to get twelve amazing and meaningful images to show what this year was like for me, but I found out that goal was impossible. This past year had too many memories and experiences that I needed a few more to show it. The beginning of the year marked our first time living in Spain – experiencing the routine of everyday life along with the excitement of festivals and futbol matches. We spent 3 months in Spain with visits from my oldest high school friends in Valencia to my sister who met us in Barcelona–then ventured south to Morocco for a week long adventure in Marakesh and the Northern Sahara (on camels!)  So here is part 1 of my Best Images of 2012!

Click on any photo to maximize (click in the upper right for full size) and use the arrows to navigate.

Full Moon Over the City – Denver, CO

Full moon on the rise over Denver, Colorado on November 28th, 2012. Unbeknown to us, the November full moon was the smallest full moon of the year, yet still you can see a subtle, penumbral eclipse were the moon passes partially through the shadow of the Earth. This was my first time renting telephoto gear for a personal shoot and I’m glad we did! Shot with a Canon 5D Mark II, 100-400mm F/4.5-5.6L with a 2X EF II Extender (equal to 800mm f/11)



Remarkable View

Remarkable View from the Remarkables Ski Field

A panoramic view from the top of the Remarkable Mountains just outside of Queenstown, New Zealand (pictured bottom center) Right click and open in a new tab for the BIG version (2756 x 642)

See where this photo was snapped: Remarkables Ski Field 

Postcards from Rocky Mountain National Park: Get away

A few weeks ago my girl friend and I decided (on somewhat of a whim) to get away and spend a few days out in the wilds of the Rocky Mountain National Forrest.  With winter approaching way too fast, and our tendency to hibernate entirely indoors over the cold months, we decided to rent a little house just a few miles from the entrance to the park. Once again Airbnb came through with an amazing view and a cozy spot for us to chill out. Here are a few shots from the weekend of hiking and enjoying the great outdoors.

Although mornings in the mountains are pretty chilly already, a hot cup of coffee makes up the difference.

Looking out over RMNP’s Moraine Park under the Continental Divide.

Skipping stones…or something like it on the way to Alberta Falls. (more…)

Introducing the ‘Thousands of Photos’ Project

(originally posted via Chele Norrie @

Michael and I have thousands of photos no one has ever seen from the last two years of traveling the world together. Many of which, we’ve barely glanced at. Much of our time abroad was spent experiencing as much as possible, meeting extraordinary people, dumping the day’s photos onto a hard drive and then passing out. We repeated this practice for months on end. Tragically, just less than 1% (an estimate) of our experiences were shared via social media.

Today marks a new beginning of sharing the stories untold and the photos, unseen.

Say hello to the Thousand Photos Project…

Or, in Croatia, bok – which derives from the word, “Bog,” literal translation: God. Meaning, go with God for short. Essentially, hello’s in Croatia mean a lot.


[Video] New GroPro Hero3 video – Whoops, I just crapped my pants!

Last night GoPro initiated the launch for the new GoPro camera with this incredible video. Passion, excitement, drive, euphoria are what this video – and GoPro – are all about ….and that’s why I love them. The internet is chock full of videos with the same mindset  – pushing life to the edge. I will love any company that encourages and enables that idea – and I will support them however I can!

A few tech specs for the new release:
– 4K video @ 12fps. Drop the resolution to 2.7K, and it shoots 30fps. 1080p video can be captured at 60fps and 720p frame rate at 120fps. This is a lot of cinematic punch in a tiny body.
– the image processor is 2x as fast as the Hero2
– the Black Edition is $399, the Silver is $299 and the White $199. Pre-orders started  already….get some! I will….


Locations: New Zealand, Tonga, San Francisco, Tahiti, B.C. Canada,
Music by: OVERWERK – “Daybreak” – Download for free here! 


Postcards from Barcelona – Under the Sagrada

La Sagrada de Familia overlooks the city of Barcelona with the old Plaza de Toros in the foreground.

Around two million people annually visit Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi’s unfinished masterpiece. Since many of Gaudi’s plans for the structure were destroyed during the Spanish Civil War, teams of architects have been continually tinkering with the elusive structure since his death in 1926. Because Gaudi seemingly didn’t use regular or repeating forms–relying instead on color, light and organic sculptural motifs–architects working on the completion of La Sagrada Familia have faced many daunting design problems. Though slated for completion by 2007, the building is still very much under construction with the completion date having been pushed back many times. As the structure is dedicated to the holy family, Gaudi would often joke, “The patron of this project is not in a hurry.”

One projection anticipates construction completion around 2026, the centennial of Gaudí’s death

I’m Doing

Denver Rooftop NYE
Rooftop New Year

If how you end 2012 is any indication of what to expect in 2013, we will have a lot to look forward

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I’m Going

Full Moon Over Denver
Full Moon Over the City – Denver, CO

Full moon on the rise over Denver, Colorado on November 28th, 2012. Unbeknown to us, the November fu

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My Year in Photos 2012

After reviewing some nearly 17,000 images I captured in 2012, I wanted to see if I could relive the

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The Color is Music – Portugal. The Man *wallpaper 12-29-11

The Color is Music – Portugal. the Man’s John Gourley on stage at the Bonnaroo Music & A

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