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My Year in Photos 2012

my year in photos 2012After reviewing some nearly 17,000 images I captured in 2012, I wanted to see if I could relive the entire year by compiling the images from start to finish in a 30fps video.

The result is a journey that spans from Europe and Northern Africa to the Balkans and back to the US in about 8 minutes. Each image is a memory capsule that carries on thousands of moments–a spontaneous kiss, a motorcycle ride, a new dish, a sunset drink, a new friend, a hike to the top, a jump into the crystal blue, a face full of sand, a return back to the familiar, a love of life…

And this is, at the very heart, why I love photography – capturing memories that fitter and fade in reality but are frozen in time with an image.  This ‘flash in the pan’ look at 2012 inspires me and reminds us all about what’s important. Embracing the adventure!