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Best Images of 2012: Part 2

The second half of 2012 was a bit less exciting (no burning giant statues or camels in the desert) but we took advantage of the beaches and relaxed. Our Spanish visa expired in April and we moved to Croatia as it’s not yet part of the EU. The unexpected gem we found there was not love at first sight and took a few weeks to settle in. After we ate the food, met some amazing people and ventured out into the islands of the Adriatic Sea, we were hooked! After two months of beach time, it was time for Chele to head back to the US and I hopped on a bus down to Greece via Montenegro and Albania. Along the way I met some fantastic people and saw some of the most incredible coastlines. Arriving in Greece (Athens) was a completely different story as the re-elections were taking place and through the help of friends and a bit of luck, I managed to capture with a few good images that you’ll see in the ‘Best of’ list.

I returned to the US in the end of June, I started working at sporting events and other various gigs again. We spent some time back in Nebraska before moving to Denver for a year. In September I worked with the US Pro Cycling Challenge, and Chele and I drove across the Rocky Mountains following the tour. September was also the month I trained and ran my very first marathon. It was a milestone I thought I would never accomplish and was a day I will never forget! Looking back at the amazing past 12 months, it only gets me motivated and excited for what’s to come in the next 12! Enjoy part 2 of my Best of 2012 list!

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