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Best Images of 2012: Part 1

Looking back on the past year in photos has been an exhausting experience for me this past week. I’ve had to sift through thousands of images (17,452 to be exact) and I wanted to get twelve amazing and meaningful images to show what this year was like for me, but I found out that goal was impossible. This past year had too many memories and experiences that I needed a few more to show it. The beginning of the year marked our first time living in Spain – experiencing the routine of everyday life along with the excitement of festivals and futbol matches. We spent 3 months in Spain with visits from my oldest high school friends in Valencia to my sister who met us in Barcelona–then ventured south to Morocco for a week long adventure in Marakesh and the Northern Sahara (on camels!)  So here is part 1 of my Best Images of 2012!

Click on any photo to maximize (click in the upper right for full size) and use the arrows to navigate.