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[Video] Postcards from Barcelona – Stepping into La Sagrada de Familia

A very short clip of what it’s like walking into one of the most famous and iconic building in the world – La Sagrada de Familia in Barcelona.

Gaudí intended that a visitor standing at the main entrance be able to see all three the vaults built into the ceiling at once creating a sense of standing in a massive space (the main vault reaches 215ft high) The columns of the interior are unique Gaudí’s design and resembles a forrest of pillars culminating together in a canopy above. None of the interior surfaces are flat – which consists in large part of abstract shapes full of symbolism and significance. Even detail-level work such as the iron railings for balconies and stairways are full of elaboration until reaching the ceiling. When we visited this place, I thought I’d had enough of seeing cathedrals in Europe, but because of the vision, heard and soul of Gaudi, it’s a one of a kind artwork no to be missed! Go, and get lost in it.