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Introducing the ‘Thousands of Photos’ Project

(originally posted via Chele Norrie @ www.humanitarianwriter.com)

Michael and I have thousands of photos no one has ever seen from the last two years of traveling the world together. Many of which, we’ve barely glanced at. Much of our time abroad was spent experiencing as much as possible, meeting extraordinary people, dumping the day’s photos onto a hard drive and then passing out. We repeated this practice for months on end. Tragically, just less than 1% (an estimate) of our experiences were shared via social media.

Today marks a new beginning of sharing the stories untold and the photos, unseen.

Say hello to the Thousand Photos Project…

Or, in Croatia, bok – which derives from the word, “Bog,” literal translation: God. Meaning, go with God for short. Essentially, hello’s in Croatia mean a lot.

The photo above was taken tucked inside the Marjan forest of Split, Croatia. We lived in Split for over a month and rented an Airbnb apartment just a minute’s walk to the national park. We took advantage of the pleasantly surprising location several times a week and took long walks or runs around the rustic landscape. On this day in early May 2012, we explored the scenery as usual. We also discussed in length about my sun allergy I had developed on my arms from working outside on our terrace everyday–not wearing sunscreen. I could no longer wear long-sleeves because the awkward burns stung with any touch.

Then, we found this tree. The moment I stepped out onto the tree, I became genuinely scared. From below it didn’t look like a big deal, but once above, I realized that if I fell, it would not be good. I even shouted out to Michael that I was scared. I felt embarrassed right away. I slowly came to the understanding that I was not confident with my balance I usually tend to brag about. I took a deep breath and looked up out to the Adriatic Sea. It wasn’t until that moment that I felt the same adrenaline kids feel when they take the training wheels off their bike. Ironically, I then thought to myself, Why don’t I do stuff like this more often? Because it seems the more we sink into comfort, the harder it is to get out again and try new things.

– Words by Chele Norrie – Photo by Michael A. Nyffeler