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Gaudi’s Doorway to God

Intricate details of the main doors to the La Sagrada de Familia show off the achievements and knowledge of man.

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Gaudi’s basilica has three facades filled with precise symbolism: the Passion Facade on the west; the Nativity Facade on the east; and the Glory Facade on the south. Each façade has three portals representing the virtues of Faith, Hope and Love. The Passion Facade, dedicated to the suffering and death of Christ, is nearly complete and has the main entrance to the building.

There were hundreds of hidden images and religious items – sacred coins, ancient scripts and holy symbols. One of the most important secret messages placed around the Cathedral is the magic square. A magic square is a 4×4 square of non-duplicating numbers, that when added up in any direction, the constant number equals 33; the age of Jesus at the time of the Passion.

Subirach’s cryptogram mounted on the façade of the main door surrounded by carved verses and repeating words.