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Do one thing everyday that scares you – there’s nothing to loose.

“Do one thing everyday that scares you” – that’s what is driving me to my next life endeavor next week. I managed to convince myself (along with the encouragement of serial marathoner Craig Martinosky) to sign up for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Denver Marathon ….yes the FULL MARATHON! Since running the 5K in Chicago last year and the continued inspiration from my bad ass cousin Mary Snocker (another serial marathoner) I have kept this goal as a distant dream that I didn’t really think would happen. After riding a century on my borrowed 20 year old Schwinn last summer I found a spark of inspiration and a bit of enjoyment in the pain of endurance sports. It gave me just enough push to become more and more confident in my ability – both mentally and physically.

But this weekend – with only a 2 months of serious training & yet to break the 20mi mark- I’ll be pushing my limits to a point I haven’t been to yet so naturally there’s a bit of nervousness and healthy fear. But I feel like I have nothing to lose if I fail at finishing (except the $120 sign-up fee!) Whatever amount I run is farther than I ever thought I would/could run in the past – so for me, pushing my mind and body towards this goal is an accomplishment I can be proud of and will be a true test of how far I really can go. Hopefully it will end with us crossing the finish line (beers to follow) with thousands of other runners in downtown Denver!!

If you’re in the area I would love to see you along the way. Life isn’t anything but a series of scary/amazing experiences and I’m asking for it next weekend…wish me luck!

UPDATE: (2 days later)

“Still a little sore and achy with a very bruised toe but overall feeling great.” That’s what I keep telling family and friends who check in with me every once in a while to see how I’m doing. Still in shock of how well the day went. Start to finish I pretty much felt great – much better than I did during my training long runs, and I owe it 100% to my old friend Craig and his wife Lacey for their encouragement and running knowledge. We finished slower than most (5:19:08….a 12:15 mile pace) but what we lacked in speed we made up for in amusement along the way as we posed for the cameras, caught up about life, and chatted with other marathoners. With so many random things that could have gone right or wrong (hydration, cramping, weather, gear etc etc) I’m lucky to have had a great coach and fantastic support team – otherwise it may have turned out with a very different outcome.

I set out to learn about myself and push something that I’d previously thought was impossible. Two more things that hit me as I was finishing that day. The decisions we make today will direct our destiny tomorrow. If you have a dream, act on it now, only then will it happen (perhaps tomorrow). The other, maybe more meaningful thing that I realized, is that you never know who will come into your life to help you out at the right moment when you need it – and all you can do is let it happen. For me, Craig and I had lost touch over the years and got back contact because I asked him for advice on running. Now, we’ve reconnected, got to spend some quality time together, and ran a marathon from start to finish. It opens my eyes to people from my past that I can rekindle the relationship and encourage them in some way. 

This entire experience will encourage me for a very long time and a memory I’ll never forget. This marathon will deffinately not be the last!

Here are a few shots from the day:


  • Shannon

    I did the Rock N Roll half last year.  It’s a fun run.  You’ll do great.  Try to enjoy the bands along the way.

    • MikeNyff

      i will….all 26 of them. thanks for the support shannon! 

  • Great Job Mike, I’m super proud of you man!