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The Twelve Apostles, Victoria, Australia – Retina wallpaper download

Down off the Great Ocean Road along the southern coast of Victoria, Australia, and past a strip of beaches and cliffs known as the “Shipwreck Coast” you will find a natural phenomenon jutting out of the blue ocean. Weathered from thousands of years of waves, wind, sun and sand The Twelve Apostles are a natural wonder, and if you’d ask me, a good place to snap a photograph. A few of the twelve patriarchs have ended up in the sea over time, but that doesn’t take much away from the vista. Check out the map link at the bottom to see where this image was snapped!

I remember the warmth of the setting sun on our faces as we watched it slowly dip into the ocean. One of the most beautiful ways to end a day ….if you ask me.


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August 6th, 2012 – STANDARD The Twelve Golden Apostles Normal (1600x1200) (274)  Retina HD – The Twelve Golden Apostles Retina HD (2880x1800) (399)


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