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The Golden Wreath; No Place For Fear – retina wallpaper download

The other night, along with hundreds of millions of people around the globe, I was watching the Olympic closing ceremonies on T.V. Yet another Olympic competition in the books, and as always, it was an amazing spectacle. The best athletes in the world competing at such a high level reminded me of a quote “The winner is the one who makes the next-to-last mistake” And after watching the difference between winning and losing time and time again coming down to a blink of the eye it dawned on me that we’re all making those mistakes. For the rest of us who aren’t super athletes in competition with other Olympians, we are in competition with ourselves – and more clearly, our fears. Fighting a battle against mediocrity, complacency, and boredom – we want to do something medal worthy but we are afraid we’ll make that critical mistake. Many times I’m  the only one to blame for my shortcomings because when things got tough I let my fears whisper in my ear and I lose focus. Other times I don’t even get started because the fear of failure (or pain, or rejection, or the unknown) overcomes the desire to start something great. So in the end, this little thought was meant to encourage whoever you are to not worry about the mistakes (they will happen) and fight against the fears stealing your dreams – because you’ll never get a crown if they’re always winning. As for the Olympics, we will see you in Rio!

Photo: Solid gold myrtle wreath with berries worn during the 4th century B.C. from Athens, Greece in the Museum of Archeology in Athens. Wreaths made of laurel or olive leaves were originally used to crown winners of Olympic Games as prizes as well as decorations for festivals/funerals and rewards for military triumphs. The ornaments worn on the head and made from a variety of materials including gold, silver, leaves and flowers. Myrtle was a plant sacred to Aphrodite, the mythological Greek goddess of love.


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