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15 Questions Answered with ENM CREATIVE

Recently I was asked to do an online interview for the ‘Ask the Artist’ series on ENMCreative‘s website. With questions completely from facebook, twitter and the enmcreave.com blog, they ranged mostly about photography and travel. I got to do a fun little into from Dublin as I was hanging out with an old friend in the Bleeding Horse Pub (love that name)

This was my first interview and I’m not really used to writing so much, but it was really great to reminisce about some of my favorite moments in my short photography career. One that has always been closly tied to my other passion as a traveler. I hope that relationship will continue far into the future with countless more memories to come!

Check out the interview here – http://enmcreative.com/ask-the-artist-answered-photographer-michael-nyffeler/ Thanks for reading!