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Trickin’ Out in BCN

After a sunny afternoon walking along the beach in Barcelona I came across some talented teens tricking. How does one trick you ask? Pretty simple. Step 1: buy a nautical bouy at any nautical shop. Step 2: bury it halfway under the sand Step 3: test it out to get the alignment right. Step 4: get some speed, tuck in the legs in, and you’re trickin! These guys could literally fly across the sand…and it was amazing to see. So amazing in fact, that I had to try it out for myself haha. (scroll down to the bottom) Here are some images I have put together….

  • David

    Wowww ! 😀 

  • That is way cool!

    • MikeNyff

      yeah man, next time we’re in spain together….it will be in the summer!