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Where the green grows – Wallpaper download 4/12/12

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April 12th, 2012 – Standard Moss covered lava field - Rural Iceland (1280x1024) (403)  Wide – Moss covered lava field - Rural Iceland (1920x1200) (393)

Wandering Iceland is like stepping out onto another planet. Nothing seems more dreamlike than the landscape – with slow moving steam rising from thermal vents, never ending sunsets, and moss covered lava fields as far as you can see. We ventured out of Reykjavík only about 30 minutes and we drove right through an ancient lava field. Walking this terrain is both surreal and dangerous as the moss on top is soft and spongy but just underneath it’s jagged lava rock can cut though the sole of your shoe. I am still going through all of the images I took there in only a few short days (actually long days with 20+ hours of sunlight). The sun eventually set around 2am the night this photo was taken.

  • very surreal and downright beautiful. one of my favorite wallpapers yet! oh, the places you will continue to go 🙂