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Inspired Travel – wallpaper download for 4-26-12 (+ a future book review)

Download this week’s wallpaper  –
April 26th, 2012 – Standard Inspired Travel (1280x1024) (414)  Wide – Inspired Travel (1920x1080) (427)

This past year, as my girlfriend and I have continually been living off of Airbnb.com, traveling from country to country, and working on various projects – I kind of get used to things being in a constant state of flux. What’s going to happen with the invoice the client didn’t respond to, where are we going to live next month/why are tickets so expensive now, and how in the hell will I pay for it?? My mindset on how to approach these questions is also in a state of change – from ‘yeah lets do it!’ to the ‘ah hell, not again’ My girlfriend Chele is also affected by this as adding another person can magnify the emotions in either approach – which is something I am continually learning about! She is a very patient person.

I connected with this quote because it reflects where I am personally and professionally right now. I feel like there is a fork in the path coming up soon (a good fork, not a bad fork) and I will be needing to make some intentional decisions. Over the past 2 years many books/blogs and interactions with various people have been reshaping my views on life and happiness. About purpose, value, and success. So after continually reading and absorbing ideas from the likes of Seth Godin, Tim Ferriss, Rolf Potts, Robert Kiyosaki and Chris Guillebeau, I find my perspective on the world is very different than it once was. Which makes any fork in the road an opportunity for something better. Something unforeseen.

Which leads me to my next news. Recently I was surprised to learn I’d been gifted a chance to read Chris Cuillebeu’s new pre-released book The $100 Startup – shipped to my house here in Croatia at no charge! All he asks is that I give an honest review of it by May 15th. So I’ll be sitting out on my balcony with my morning coffee, warming up to the rising sun. I will try to finish it in time (I’m a not a speed reader!) and give my review here. I can tell you that I’ve read and re-read his last book The Art of Non-Conformity this past year and it has changed the way I approach my life, travels, work, friends, and family etc. even when things change.

I will try to give an honest, unbiased review… which may be tough, as I’m already a huge fan. Stay tuned….

The The $100 Startup
by Chris Guillebeau ->

  • What a beautiful photo, and a nice quote too. I like your thoughts on how a fork in the road is an opportunity for something better, couldn’t agree more.

  • MikeNyff

    Thanks Sofia! I hope you’re enjoying Sri Lanka – your images are making me jealous!

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