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Sitting Buddha – Chang Mai, Thailand wallpaper download 02/09/12

Flower Garden Temple – Chang Mai, Thailand

Wat Suan Dok Temple dates back to the 14th century originally built on what was Chiang Mai’s Royal Family’s flower garden. Today, it’s a functioning temple as well as a home to a Buddhist University (one of only two public Buddhist Universities in Thailand). Say it with me now, Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University …also (thankfully) known as MCU opens its doors to visitors keen to learn more about Buddhism through the “Monk Chat” program on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings 5-7pm. You can actually talk with the monks about anything that pops into your head – their day-to-day activities and lifestyle, Thai culture, or even the weather. I didn’t know this at the time when we visited, but next time I get to sit with a monk I’ll ask him the important, life affirming questions like “If you had special powers for only a week, would you rather be invisible or able to fly?”  

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Standard Flower Garden Temple - Chang Mai, Thailand (1280x1023) (400)  Wide – Flower Garden Temple - Chang Mai, Thailand (1920x1080) (404)