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[Video] Foguera Dels Velluters

Foguera Dels Velluters (Neighborhood Bonfire)
This celebration/demonstration was just 50 ft. outside our front door the other night so we decided to head out and join it without really knowing what it was about. After talking to a few people with our broken spanglish we found out it’s a great tradition! This year the ‘Foguera dels Velluters’ celebrates the 156th anniversary of the silk workers (aka velluters) who staged a mutiny in 1856 for better wages – the first of its kind in Valencia (now the neighborhood bears the name Velluters). Today the spirit is still alive with protesting the cut wages of area teachers and day laborers, the lack of public facilities, and excessive public and private lots in a state of neglect.  After the march and the fires were  blazing, the celebration moves to fellowship with dancing, wine, and roasted meats over the fire. Naturally we fellowshiped along with them too! Learn more here: https://n-1.cc/pg/forum/topic/1036202/la-foguera-dels-velluters-2012/ A quote from the website – “We want people living in Velluters, to find a reason to meet and participate in the life of the neighborhood. Also to welcome the new neighbors begin to live with us and invite you to take part in the actions from the neighborhood association or other organization to improve the shortcomings we have.” An amazing night in support of our new barrio!
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