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Flip the Switch – Brooklyn, New York *wallpaper 1-12-12

Change is inevitable; we will always exist in the midst of it.
It is our choice whether we will be its victim or its architect.
Just make sure you are the one that flips the switch.

This wallpaper is dedicated to an old – and good friend of mine and if I remember correctly he was the one that pointed out this old light switch while we were on a video shoot in Brooklyn last year. We’ve been friends since the days of Blink 182 and the origional Matrix if that tells you anything.  I tend to carry in my mind a small list of people I think of when situations come up (…like a WWJD scenario but with people I actually know) and he’s the type of person I think of when I walk into a room filled with people I don’t know. He’s the inquisitive type, with an inviting openness to new or different ideas that make people comfortable. Always asking questions and actively listening is what gives him the ability to adapt to pretty much any situation. After a conversation with him either in person, on the phone or skype, I tend to find myself feeling more important and thus inspired to learn more and do more.

So now, his quest for knowledge and adventure has led him and his wife to become serial entrepreneurs, which recently has allowed them to move abroad and travel the world. They’re currently living in Chang Mai, Thailand where they recently signed a lease on a house (congrats!) You can catch up on their blogs about travels,  business and personal stuff.

As the quote above states – you can’t stop change, you can only be ahead of it, or behind it. Where you happen to be when it comes usually determines whether you’re an architect or victim. In this spirit, my girlfriend and I will be packing our backpacks again and relocating across the pond in Europe  for the journeying onward. Hopefully rolling with the changes as they come and supporting ourselves enough to keep going. But the best part will be that for our first month in Spain we will be joined by some amazing old friends fresh off the plane from Chang Mai, Thailand. This should be good….

Download this week’s wallpaper –

January 12th, 2011 – Standard Flip the Switch - Brooklyn, New York (1280x1024pix) (348)  Wide – Flip the Switch - Brooklyn, New York (1920x1080pix) (366)

  • This is another incredible photograph Mike, I’m stoked to see that you’ve made it into a wallpaper…downloading in minutes!
    I REALLY appreciate the kind words and thought! You and Chelé inspire Shawna and I as much as we inspire you, I’m sure of that!

    Thanks again for the love and I’m really excited to see you and have great conversations in Spain (this all will be accompanied with bear hugs)!
    Catch you on the flip side,

  • Aaron_Heuer

    Best of luck in this next leg of your journey, friend. Take care of yourself and of one another, love you both! (and love the photo)