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Photo Essay – Foguera Dels Velluters 2012 – Bonfire in the Plaza del Pilar

Foguera Dels Velluters – Here are a few images from the protest/celebration. Watch a short video of it here.

 Children ride on the shoulders of the men through the crowds and around the fire in Valencia’s in the Plaza del Pilar.

A boy concentrates to stay balanced as he rides around the bonfire.

As a show of strength and unity the group balance each other two high. The Parroquia Nuestra Señora del Pilar (Our Lady of Pilar Parish) Catholic Church in the background.

Protesters place charactertures of local politicians dressed as sausages into the fire to burn. Many people feel that public funds have been mishandled while teachers and other public occupations’ wages are continually being cut.

A member of the drummer troop is hit in the head by an object thrown from an apartment window. It’s still unknown who threw it or why.

A girl throws another stick onto the fire in the Plaza del Pilar. Smaller fires were set up to cook various foods and hang out with fellow people from the neighborhood.