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Arabian Gold – Dubai, UAE *wallpaper 1/5/12

The Gold Souq room reflects the rich heritage of the Arabic gold trade – Dubai, UAE

A souq (pronounced sūq) is a commercial quarter in an Arab city used to designate a market where textiles, jewelery, spices, wooden sculptures and other valuable goods. In a modern sense, a souq can also mean an economic commodity (e.g., an Arab would speak of the souq in the old city just as the souq for oil in the free market).

In the shadow of the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, The Dubai Mall which is also the largest in the world at the moment–fittingly holds the world’s largest gold market. An area with a collection of over 220 gold and jewelery retailers culminating into a single room – The Gold Souq. The traditional decorative gold and marble detailing honors the ancestral traveling merchants crossing the desert expanse to trade gold and other commodities in markets all over the ancient world. To say the least: an impressive room in the center of an impressive city.

Download this weeks wallpaper – January 7th, 2011 –

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  • This is an INCREDIBLE photo! It looks like it should be part of a very high dollar ad campaign!

    • Anonymous

      haha well its an image of a VERY high dollar ROOM 🙂 Someday you will see a very high dollar ad campaign on this blog!