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The Great One – Córdoba, Spain *wallpaper 11-24-11

Download this weeks *wallpaper – December 1st, 2011

Standard The Great One - Cordoba, Spain (1280x1024pix) (416)

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 The city of Córdoba lies in the Andalusia region of southern Spain and at one time over 1 million residence it was at the time considered to be the most populous city in the world. But now it has about 320,000 – making it only the 10th largest in Spain. The city’s incredibly diverse history is pretty extensive dating back to some of the first traces of human presence 32,000 years ago until the actual city was founded by the Romans in 169 B.C. Córdoba eventually became the city it is today because of the peaceful coexistence of three different cultures: Jews, Muslims and Christians.

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