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First Snow, Silent Moon – Aspen Valley, Colorado *wallpaper 11-03-11

While watching the snow come down in a flurry out my window yesterday, I became aware that it is time for winter’s imminent coming, and my inevitable going. November is usually the month I start planning to make my escape to somewhere (anywhere) other than here where flip-flops come with frostbite unless you’ve got some serious clothing.

But what I do like about winter; the quiet nights when the snow has just fallen and muffles the sound of the city – like a blanket over the world. And the air is crisp, the sky seems brighter and clearer so when the moon silently rises you hardly notice it until it makes the snow glow. These are the few times I am glad to be in winter and the scenery doesn’t get any better. But after that I’ll be making my escape to Mexico!

November 2nd, 2011 – --> DOWNLOAD First Snow, Silent Moon - Aspen Valley, CO (1920x1080px) (372)