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The Shadow of Venus – Sydney, Australia *wallpaper 9-22-11

In the same theme from last weeks popular wallpaper I went with another museum image but this time from the other side of the globe. The statue of Venus posing in a rounded corner inside Sydney’s Art Gallery of New South Wales. Its pretty simple and elegant. I love the color contrast and how the marble looks incredibly smooth and fluent. Especially the draped cloth she is holding that looks like real silk – pretty remarkable talent! I could use a statue like this to hold my clean towels in my bathroom, but for now I guess, my desktop background will do.

September 22th, 2011 – DOWNLOAD --> The Shadow of Venus - Sydney, Australia (1440x900px) (390)

  • I never expect Australia has Statue of Venus….very interesting!

    • Mikenyff

      There are a LOT of unexpected things in Australia!