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Road to Somewhere – Democratic Republic of the Congo *wallpaper 9-8-11

If you travel though a country (wheels on the ground) for long enough you will likely see anything – especially in Africa. By anything of course I mean goats, bikes, chickens, guns, churches, mud holes, mud huts, fried bugs, grilled monkey, machetes (with blood), tubas, laundry out to dry and the endless red dirt line winding its way through countless villages. I like this particular image because this was our view for most of the duration of the trip since the DRC was a fairly dangerous place (in general) at the time and we had to stay inside the truck – but our front window seemed like a window into another world. The bumpy road just kept rolling underneath, the daily life of the Congolese passing by, and if your stomach could handle staring out the window….you did.

I hope you’ll get a sense of another place too. September 8th, 2011 *wallpaper – DOWNLOAD -> Road to Somewhere – Democratic Republic of the Congo (1440x900px) (375)