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Lederhosen for Beginners *wallpaper 9-30-11

Beer. That is all. At least that is all I talked about last night. Through some mutual relationships I got invited over to a guy named Trent’s garage who I was told ‘brewed his own beer’ and that we were going to ‘just chill’ at his house for the evening. As it turned out, it was a great education in brewing and a good reminder that anything good is best when shared.

It was a long bike (about 30 minutes) so right off the bat I wasn’t too stoked, but an invite is an invite ….and free home brew is free home brew! It’s usually a good sign that you came to the right place when you first walk into some stranger’s garage and they hand you a cold pint even before they shake your hand. That’s what I call friends forever. For the next 3 or so hours Trent shows me all his (mostly homemade) brewing equipment, educates me on the intricacies of brewing beer (water pH what?), and alas allows me to taste the 5 different styles of home brew he has on tap or bottled up. And by taste, I mean a pint sized taste.

Then we move on to the basement that’s full of an incredible variety of beer from all over the world. The most amazing part of it was when he opens the beer fridge and says everything on the bottom is yours to open and enjoy – experiment and try something new, and if you dont like it someone else here probably will. Just don’t open the expensive top shelf bottles – they’re for special occasions.  Not just a nice guy who likes beer (a lot) and will talk your ear off about what it took to get the last batch of IPA to carbonate, but a true ambassador to the art and love of a craft, as he would share it with anyone who walks in his door – even the one he has just met.

This weeks wallpaper is in honor of the wonderful Oktoberfests going on all over the world this month

September 30th, 2011 – DOWNLOAD --> Lederhosen for Beginners - May Fest Chicago (1440x900px) (333)