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Grown So Ugly – Behind the scenes of the ‘New Seasoning’ photo shoot

Things change whether you accept it or not. Everything either dies or is destroyed by time or other forces, only for something else to be born in the vacuum of the previously occupied space. The fact that we, as humans, can manipulate many forms of energy and transform it in many different ways, but will never (as far as we can see now) be able to truly create or destroy energy itself is a thought I regularly think about (mostly while releasing energy in the form of bike peddles – the kinetic energy from bananas). The ebb and flow of this energy is just a cycle that executes and perpetuates itself without need or interference of us….seemingly forever. Or what we would everyday call ‘changes’ to our normal routines – whatever they may be.

Just thought I’d throw that out there haha.

This video is sort of a behind the scenes look at a photo shoot that has very little to do with energy manipulation and more to do with the idea of accepting change. Inviting the change to take place and allow it to happen instead of fighting it. Let the inevitable happen, just remember to bring your board and surf the momentum.