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A Hard Day’s Night

It was a hard day’s night…and I was working like a doc (wa whaaa)

Please excuse my lame humor with The Beatles reference – I just couldn’t resist. My girlfriend says I have “dad humor” meaning that when we’re out in public and I think I’m saying something funny (I usually take the lame angle) she just stares at me with an embarrassed look like she’s saying “you are embarrassing me in front of my friends!” Although its probably not your highest level of humor, sometimes it’s needed to break the ice for photo/video shoots.

Anyways, at least the photo isn’t very lame! This last week I got to shoot interviews for a series of video vignettes for the Great Planes Regional Medical Center in North Platte, Ne and lets just say I learned a lot about how to look like a real doctor. The video spots will highlight their brand new Heart & Vascular Center where they offer intervention and diagnostic cardiology procedures as well as cardiac rehabilitation. This images was just after a diagnostic procedure I had the opportunity to be in the room and film. The giant, very expensive looking machine behind me swings around and takes near 3-D video x-rays of the catheter and blood flow in real time. And I thought I had expensive camera equipment! (…see what I mean)

Now its time for the real fun to start and spend days in front of the computer cutting the video. Updates to come soon….

Side Note: You can see in the background the patient watching videos of his own heart beat from the procedure. Pretty sweet!

  • Nicki

    I like the fact that you always doing something new:)

    • Anonymous

      yes that’s one of the best parts of my job – who knows where I’ll get to go tomorrow! 🙂

  • Roberta Nyffeler

    Guess it was good you took care of all that facial hair – not too easy to ‘mask’. And RED scrubs? Nonetheless, enjoy this adventure.

    • Anonymous

      haha you’re right! I didnt even think about how that beard would have fit under that mask. I thought the scrubs were pretty unique and asked if I could keep them as a souvenir ….but it turns out the red kind are harder to find. who knew? thanks for commenting!

  • Awesome Photo Michael!

  • i’d have already passed out at this point. i know i know, but my biceps are so huge. yeah, it’s weird