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Saluting the Stars – Annapurna Nepal *wallpaper 8-24-11

August 26th, 2011 – Saluting the Stars - Annapurna Nepal (1440x900px) (408)

Driving around the Colorado mountains this past week for the US Pro Cycling Challenge got me in the high altitude mindset and thoughts came to mind from my trip to the Annapurna Conservation Area in North-Central Nepal. Although, a stunning image from the Rockies would have been nice, the high altitudes I am remembering are of the 28,000 ft. range of Nepal, not the 14,000 ft range in Colorado. So this week I would like to pay homage to all the starry skies above the mountains of the world….and also the incredible athletes who compete on them.

  • Nicki

    Just Beautiful….:):):)

    • Anonymous

      thanks! thats exactly what we were saying the whole time! 🙂