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Room to Grow – Cordoba, Spain *wallpaper 8-11-11

August 11th, 2011 – DOWNLOAD -> Room to Grow - Cordoba, Spain (1440x900px) (365)


  • Katie Stearns

    Love this. I live in Córdoba, and it makes me happy to see that others have found beauty in this wonderful city.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Katie, Im glad you enjoyed it! It truely is an amazing city! I would love to come back to explore down the old back streets again – with a camera in one hand and a glass of beer/wine in the other! I was searching to find out where exactly this shot was taken…but I like the thought of not showing any man made definitions but simply a flower living an unpretentious life in a courtyard off of a Cordovan backstreet. 🙂