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Life Cycles – The Death of a Bike, Begins with its Start

“Greater than the sum of their parts, they’re the most efficient machines on the planet.”

Life Cycles (www.lifecyclesfilm.com) by Stance Films in association with Shimano, Scott Bicycles & Pinkbike.com released in late 2010. Its a simple story of the bike, from its creation, and ending at it’s eventual demise – only in a spectacularly beautiful way. Visually stunning, with a deep close to spiritual narration, Life Cycles uses Ultra HD (roughly the size of IMAX…16x the resolution of HDTV ) to document the journey surrounding the mountain bike and its culture in a way that has visually never been done before as it showcases the progression of riding. Breath taking natural settings, we see seemingly everything hath brought by nature’s elements, our journey takes us on a trail less traveled. Written/Directed by the obviously tech-savvy Derek Frankowski and Ryan Gibb the film guides you though the sorry with riders by the likes of Semenuk, Hopkins, Schwartz, McIntosh, McCaul Agassiz, Hunter and Vanderham. Life Cycles is a celebration of the bicycle, and is sure to entertain anyone who has ever ridden one…but who hasn’t?

 http://www.vasfilms.com/Life-Cycles.html – and view more beautifully shot teasers here http://www.lifecyclesfilm.com/visuals/teaser

“Like everything else thats made on this earth, with birth comes the inevitability of entropy.”

  • Nicki

    Absolute Breath Taking…!!!!