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Storm Season

A few weeks ago I returned back to Nebraska from a 5 month, 8 country around the world trip with my girlfriend Chele. Needless to say we experienced so many different cultures from Buddhism, Muslim, Hindu to Catholic…and climates from the beaches of Indonesia to the highest peaks in the world in Nepal, that returning home would seem like a drag. But that’s only if you live in a boring place like New York or LA, and NOT if you are returning home to a place like the Great Plains in the spring/summer that has weather like this! There are just some things that happen here that you dont see ANYWHERE else on the planet! A month long string of almost nightly killer tornadoes that ripped through the Midwest kept us all on watch…and kept me excited for some tornado action. With respect to all the fatalities in Missouri and Arkansas, I have massive respect for severe weather like this…and that is WHY I want to chase it!  Hopefully Ill be able to get out and shoot some more in the next few months while Im still home. I had to stop just before the downpour rain and hail was unleashed.