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Getting Nangi on the map

Originally posted on The Himalayan Gap blog on 6/18/2011

A few weeks ago we commissioned Google to add the Himanchal Higher Secondary School as an official location on their maps. The quality and detail of aerial images of the rural areas is pretty stunning as you can see almost every house, building, rock and chicken coop! We’re not assuming to know how in the world Google does it, but none the less it’s pretty cool! Click on the link at the bottom and navigate the map where you can zoom in to see the school (blue buildings) and dorms spread out just north of the soccer field, housing 100 11-12th year students every year. Zoom in further and you can actually see the Lokta Paper Project in action, drying the white sheets in the sun! (just right of the first blue building) The round building just north of there is the volunteer housing where we cooked, talked late into the night around the stove, and listened to the local rat Bizcocho, rummage through the kitchen looking for food. We have very fond memories of this village and would someday love to make the trip back to this place. But for now, looking at a picture taken from far far above will have to suffice.

Zoom out to gain perspective… of the wide gaps Mahabir has crossed to connect his village to the rest of the world. The village’s Internet connection makes its way from a relay station to relay station, all the way from the city of Pokhara.


Google maps link -> http://goo.gl/maps/F1q1