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Last Mountain Sunset (video)

Our last night in the village of Nangi after 6 weeks was a memorable one for many different reasons. This felt like a very fitting way to end our time in the village, watching the clouds flow over the mountains in silence and humbleness – it felt like the first time we arrived here sitting in awe of the massive grander of the Himalaya and finally being brought back full circle in a way. Here’s a quick time-laps I captured from the highest point in the village – on top of an old slate stone roof of a squat toilet haha. To the left you can see the 26,795 ft Dhaulagiri mountain (7th highest peak in the world) and in no way – even at 1080p fullscreen does this do justice to the scene we witnessed. I just hope it will inspire YOU to someday follow your adventure that is inside you.

  • Beautiful.

  • So beautiful!

  • Michael Nyffeler

    Thanks guys! Obviously even HD video doesnt do it justice ya know. I can really see you hiking there some day!