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Starlit Himalayas

Day 3 of our 6 day trek from Nangi (elv. 2240m) into the Annapurna Conservation Area and back. We hiked atop the summit of Khopra Ridge (3660m) and were held to an incredible view among two of the highest peaks of rock in the world – Dhaulagiri Peak and the Annapurna 1 Peaks  (#7 and #10 respectively). An experience, that if you have the opportunity to see in person, you will not soon ever forget. Sitting at 26,545ft the Annapurna 1 range (pictured) was so close you could hear the jet stream rushing down through the caverns and up over the peaks – you couldn’t help but think that is too is on its way to catch its breath in a lower elevation. From my position here it was all clear, calm, and recently dusted with a snowstorm (that we previously hiked through to reach the top). The background of the starlit sky was a worthy backdrop, to a truly incredible and once in a lifetime scene.