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Place to lay my head…

My bed for the next few months in the village of Nangi, Nepal. This is where we will be staying while we work on The Himalayan Gap project – talking to students, teachers, and community leaders about the impact the internet has made on this remote village on the footstep of the Himalayan mountains. We will also trek around the district and into the Annapurna Conservation Area – home of the 10th highest peak in the world, Annapurna 1 (26,700ft) to visit other schools and wireless access points to better understand how this introduction could revolutionize rural Nepal with the rest of the world – for better or worse.

  • Roberta

    there are times I’ve longed for that kind of simplicity. Enjoy the adventure!

  • Michael Nyffeler

    hey roberta, thanks for the comment! yes simplicity does give space for a quiet mind to think and time to reflect without worldly distractions.

    it does however, get a little chilly in the mornings on the side of a mountain with no heater haha. But we are loving it here so far!

  • Jordan Clark

    Oh.. They gave you Chris’s room. 😉

    But really, what better way to use technology. Keep it up man.

    • Michael Nyffeler

      yeah, not sure who this chris was, but at least he circled the areas on the ceiling where water leaks haha.

      hopefully by being here we can understand what this technology can really do for a place like this….thanks for the comment!

  • just an fyi…you forgot to put a “:” after the ‘http’ in the link to the himalayan gap.
    May want to get that fixed! 😉

    • Michael Nyffeler

      thanks for the heads up! – you always got my back 🙂