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Summer in the Southern City

– Sydney, NSW 2010 –

Beach goers in the 1920's - some things never change, nor need to be

Two of the national icons of Australia with a human element for scale (yes, they're big)

Past, Present, and Future in viewon the steps of the Art Gallery of New South Wales / Giant fruit bats called Flying Foxes snooze in the afternoon away in the ever present summer sun in Sydney's Royal Botanic Gardens

Beauty in form on display in Sydney's Art Gallery of New South Wales

  • Great photos man!

    • mikenyff

      thanks chais, wish you were here bro!

  • I remember those bats, they were everywhere! Sydney is one of my favorite cities, you captured it well!

    • mikenyff

      thanks sofia! it really is a world class city (esp with the bats!) loving the GREEN in your new travel photo….cant wait to come take photo there!