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The Himalayan Gap

Chele and Michael - hitting the Himalayas soon.

This last week has been pretty busy week. Along with the usual work stuff I have been busy getting the word out for a new project I am excited to introduce. It’s a collaborative book/documentary with freelance writer Chelé Norrie (www.humanitarianwriter.com) to tell the story of Mahabir Pun – a selfless man working to bring education and healthcare to isolated and impoverished people in the mountain regions of Nepal by using the connectivity and portability of wireless internet networks.  ‘The Himalayan Gap project refers to the education, economic, and healthcare gap the occurs in rural areas of the world and cycle of poverty it perpetuates. Mahabir crossed the Gap by leaving his family and be one of the first people in his village to come to the U.S. to get an education. After he received his master’s degree he returned to his home village and got to work.

We are privileged to be able to travel to Nepal this spring to gather valuable information, stories, photos and video of the work he and his team are doing. This week our project has been featured in the local media (www.kearneyhub.com and www.nebraska.tv) Look below for a the video…

Because of the large amount of time and travel that’s needed for a project of this kind (airfare, lodging, food, equipment) -we are accepting donations via paypal on our site here . We truly feel this system of technology can help millions of people around the world who are living in the poverty gap and we are taking it upon our selves to do what we can to contribute to a better world!

Be sure to subscribe to our email upadtes as our project progresses at www.thehimalayangap.com