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The Last Minutes with Oden

The 2010 Vimeo Festival Grand Prize Winner will make you ball like a baby. Seriously, this is incredibly moving so just watch it. And get some tissues ready.

Vimeo Festival co-director Jeremy Boxer shared his thoughts on the video:

“This film is one of those rare shorts that you can guarantee an emotional response from anyone who sees it. It is a superbly crafted piece that leads with its heart and soul.

The story is about the unique bond between a man’s love for his dog and the pain that goes with losing your best friend. It is also about redemption and transformation of the lead character, Jason Wood. Through his love for dog, Oden, Jason was able to grow as a man and a human being. It is a testament to those moments in life that should be recorded.

Through the filmmaker’s perspective we are able to see a real example how the new generation of small, high-quality cameras have enabled a new type of personal filmmaking that perhaps would have not been possible in the past. These cameras have been able to elevate what is captured as part of life into cinema. This film is not to be missed.”

Advisory: Some of the language in this video is not suitable for all audiences. Sensitive viewers should note the video contains scenes of a dog being euthanized

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