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Stuff You Should Know (…if you didn’t already)

Long road trip? Commute to work? Let me introduce you to two staff writers from howstuffworks.com Josh Clark and Charles (Chuckers) Bryant. Their weekly show is one of the best education podcasts out there! Stuff You Should Know touches on all sorts of topics and deconstructs your world into nice bite-sized 20-30 minute samples of how it all works and why it matters. From the “is it possible?” and “how does this happen?” to “why would this occur?,” I love when entertainment meet enlightenment!


Top 5 Stuff You Should Know Podcasts: (at least for me so far…and from the podcasts I’ve heard)

1. What is a hangover, really?

2. How Breathalyzers Work: Really, Really Complicated

3. How Flamethrowers Work

4. What Exactly is Fascism?

5. How Near-Death Experiences Work

Here’s a short video of the guys issuing a challenge to Stephen Colbert to help raise money for Kiva.org –