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Backstage Nerves

For a while now I have been shooting part time for a local newspaper which takes me all over the place (mostly locally) to shoot various stories. I really enjoy the freedom being out of the ‘office’ and challenges that come with the variety that is inherent in this type of work. I will attempt to post a some images here every couple of days to keep things up to date and also to showcase my work as a work in progress. Constructive criticism welcome! Thanks and stay tuned….

A high school theature student studies his lines one last time behind the curtains before returning back on stage. 4-14-10

  • I love this shot! but to me he doesn’t look nervous in the least…he has a calmness to him…I dig this!

  • Michael Nyffeler

    Yes I would agree with his shoulders dropped like that he has a air of calmness about him. Perhaps it was the moment he was comfortable with his lines right before he went on stage. I like the “building props” in the background that are literally propped up wooden planks 🙂

    Thanks for the comments!