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It Might Get Loud.

Jack, Jimmy, Edge

Jack, Jimmy, Edge

“If Larry had never put that message up, I would have been in another band. It wouldn’t have been U2, God knows who it would have been. Would I be doing what I am now? …probably not…I mean I could be doing anything. I could be, I don’t know- working at a bank somewhere or something.”

The Edge talking about what could have been if U2 had never met in a Dublin high school. A great moment in the film where one of the most famous guitar players in one of the most successful bands in history standing in his hold high school reflecting on if he had lived another life. Who among us will be the next? Who will find their passion, surround themselves with passion and bread passion for all mankind to see? A good lesson in following what you love and not quiting!

A great documentary about with Jimmy Page, Jack White, and The Edge talking about their style of playing and what inspires them to make music. All three rock icons are driven by different aspirations and motivations but use the same instrument to bring to the world. A MUST watch!    …now where’s my guitar, I want to dust it off!