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Images of 2009

_africa_kidsAs yet another year inevitably comes and goes its a good time to take a few moments to reflect on the experiences of the previous 12 months. I felt very fortunate to be able to travel and see many new places throughout the year – including working at the X Games in Aspen, CO, shooting my first wedding in May, traveling to France and the Congo in July, and most recently working the Dew Tour in Breckenridge, CO.  But the thing I will probably remember the most from 2009 will most likely be the many inspiring people I had the privilege to meet. One in particular is a man named Deolo from the Democratic Rep. of Congo in Central Africa. Nathaniel Miles and I got the chance to meet and interview him for a project for the orphan sponsorship program and quickly felt impacted by his presence. Ten members of his family (6 brothers, 2 sisters, and both parents) have fallen from AIDS and as the last remaining member, his job now is to fight against the spread of the virus with a divine purpose. It’s hard to imagine a harder job as to work against the spread of AIDS in Africa – but after meeting Deolo, I can see his passion for the people of Africa and I am inspired that the drive and determination of one man can make a difference. Here are a few images of the people Ill never forget and the amazing places that I may never see again.


Images of 2009

  • Doug Koster

    Great stuff Nyf!! Keep up the great work & safe travels in 2010!!

  • Michael Nyffeler

    Thanks for the encouragement Doug! I hope you have a successful, meaningful, and safe 2010!

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