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When Things Come Full Circle

were_openIt’s hard sometimes in the media business when you are doing project after project to keep up with how progress is coming for your past clients and to really see just how much what you did is having it’s impact in the long run. It’s always encouraging to hear that your work is being appreciated or has had the desired outcome …or better yet has led something bigger and better as the result.

My very first independent video project out of college was for a small group of people in central Nebraska wanting to celebrate and memorialize the firefighters of Nebraska as well as a venue to teach children fire safety and prevention. The video was to be sent out to every district in Nebraska in order to build funds for a Nebraska Firefighters Memorial and Museum. That was four years ago and this summer it finally happened – it finally opened!

So it was very cool to go to the grand opening ceremony and see what had become of the little rough around the edges video from four years ago to a great building that means so much to many Nebraskans. Here are a few images: *note: the image below was published in the Jan/Feb issue of Nebraska Life Magazine*