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World’s Largest Camera – On Wheels!

CT0626_0The Cameratruck: the world’s largest traveling camera. It creates images 3,000 times LARGER than that puny little 35mm you have in your hands right now.  Creator Shaun Irving has transformed a mail truck into a giant, mobile camera obscura which means it’s basically a giant pin-hole camera with a lens one side and a 4-by-8-foot sheet of light sensitive photo paper hanging on the other….and of course on top of four wheels and an engine. When exposed to 5-30 second exposures, servepicshow_wide as giant negatives.  This camera has potential to travel the far reaches of almost anywhere and create massive images that could fill a billboard!

Here’s one of my faves

I love this project because it takes photography back to when it was primitive yet  simple. You where intimately involved in the image capture and processing (which takes a least 1/2 an hr for each image) and working in the scape of only one fixed lens at a time. Even an old military submarine periscope is getting a second life! You can actually see the brush strokes from the chemicals being applied on the edges.

Motion/Picture – Short film by Shaun Irving – explains the art and science behind his cameratruck project.

Features samples of his work. Visit http://www.cameratruck.net to learn more.

A great story from NPR….


…and still want to learn more? A great interview of Shaun…